Kimberly B. Mosberg

Northwestern University School of Law

Mrs. Mosberg was an Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago for seven years. Mrs. Mosberg zealously represented the City as a Municipal Prosecutor handling quasi-criminal trials, licensing, permitting, and Code violations.  Mrs. Mosberg has vast, hands-on experience with matters that affect Chicago businesses.

Additionally, Mrs. Mosberg defended Police, Firemen, and Paramedics in Federal Civil Rights Litigation for several years and is a member of the Federal Bar. She has received many commendations and awards for her work with the Chicago Police, the City of Chicago and the Chicago community.

Mrs. Mosberg also served as First Deputy Building Commissioner and General Counsel for the Department of Buildings.  She is well-versed in defending clients against violations of the Chicago Building Code, Sanitation Code, Environmental Code, Licensing Code, and a wide variety of Chicago Real Estate matters. Early in her career, Kimberly oversaw a task force investigating the inspection and liquor licensing of public places of amusement after the E2 disaster while contemporaneously heading up a task force on porches after the tragedy on Wrightwood Ave. Kimberly was able to revamp both processes and has been congratulated for her work to protect the City in these areas.  Additionally, Mrs. Mosberg has years of experience in matters involving PPA, PPV, Liquor, Special Event, LBL, Catering, Retail Food, and many other Chicago licenses. 

She opened her own firm in 2008. Mrs. Mosberg practices in a very business forward, en vogue, firm model. She shares space and support with several other elite Chicago attorneys. Often these firms join forces to create whatever force each particular client needs. But also creates a competitive rate to help clients at many price points. All our collaborative attorneys have 10-30 years of experience. Several references available on request.

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